Canada Investment and Business Immigration

Canada Investment and Business Immigration

If you are interested in investing in the business and/or real estate in Canada, there are several ways to obtain a Canada investment visa. Priority immigration processing results in permanent residence within twelve to twenty-four months, and you may skip work permits and inter-corporate transferee options. Similar programs are offered in other provinces, though the requirements may differ. Learn more about this visa program and its requirements here.

Quebec Investor Program

The Quebec Investor Program aims to attract business savvy immigrants to the province of Québec. Applicants must have at least $2 million in net worth, which may be earned through a number of different means. This can include business activity, holding a high-level management position in a private or government institution, or receiving an inheritance within the last six months. The Quebec government will also consider the applicant’s age, education, training background, and professional skills. Applicants must also have at least $1.2 million in passive government investment (no interest) in the province of Québec.

The Quebec Investor program requires investors to finance the bulk of their investment through designated investment banks and brokerage firms. Applicants must first obtain a selection certificate, which identifies which banks and brokerage firms qualify for the program. In most cases, the down payment will be a portion of the applicant’s total investment, with the rest of the money going to the government and financing the province’s small business and social programs.

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Québec Investor Visa

The Quebec Investor Visa is designed for experienced investors with significant personal assets or net worth. You must be able to invest at least $1,200,000 CAD with a Quebec financial intermediary to qualify. There is a limit on the number of applications accepted during any given period, and applicants may be denied entry into the country if their application is not complete. Interested investors may contact the Quebec Immigration Office for more information.


You will need a business plan and invest at least 25% of the funds for your venture. This is the lowest investment amount of all Canadian immigration programs. You will need to demonstrate the business’ potential for employment and financial stability. You must also provide proof of your ability to pay for your new life in Canada. Once you have the money, you will be able to settle in Quebec with your family in as little as five years.

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Canada Investment Visa

There are a variety of immigration options for those interested in making an investment in Canada. For example, you may be able to immigrate to Canada as a high-net-worth individual by applying for the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program offers permanent residency to those who invest CAD 1.2 million in the province for five years. The program requires applicants to invest this money passively and has strict requirements, including a minimum net worth of C$2 million and a government-guaranteed investment of C$1.2 million. You must also intend to settle in Quebec and have a clear understanding of the country’s institutions, values, and symbols.

The Immigrant Investor Program is designed to attract qualified business people and investors. To qualify for this visa, you must invest at least $800,000 into a Canadian business, and you will be given back your investment, plus interest, in five years. Once you’ve met the requirements, you’ll need to apply for the immigration visa and pay the fee of $15235 at a Canadian embassy in your country. Once you’ve received your immigration visa, you’ll need to relocate to Canada within 12 months or submit your documents again.

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Québec Investor Program requirements

To qualify for the Québec Investor Program, you must have at least two million Canadian dollars in net assets. This amount includes assets you own jointly with your spouse or common-law partner. You must have management experience in an industry that requires investment, such as business, finance, agriculture, or legal farming. Applicants with a bachelor’s or higher degree are also eligible to apply. If you plan to invest in real estate in Quebec, your net worth must be at least CAD one million.

As a Canadian, you are allowed to invest in the Quebec Investor Program. This is an excellent opportunity for you to educate your children in a foreign country and earn a higher income, even if you don’t speak the language. You can study at any local institute without paying the international fees, and the cost of living in Canada is considerably less than in the U.S. and Australia. In addition, the Canadian economy is much stronger than its neighbors, so you’ll have an easier time finding a job and building a financially stable life after graduation.