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Recruitment for Plumbers Ongoing in Canada.

    As the Canadian economy grows, a growing need for qualified plumbers is apparent across the country. With 21000 new jobs and 28000 new positions expected to be created in the next few years, the Canadian plumbing industry is a strong and thriving one. Additionally, salaries in Canada are highly competitive. As an experienced plumber, you can expect to earn $81,400 to $105,300 per year. This is one of the highest starting salaries in the world.

    The job description of a plumber varies by province, but most plumbing contractors are required to have a certificate that proves their qualifications and experience are equivalent to Canadian standards. In many provinces, a positive skills assessment will allow the plumbing worker to claim required points on a federal skilled trades application, gain employment in Canada, and qualify for the coveted Red Seal designation. Once the certification is obtained, plumbers can start the search for employment.

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    In Canada, plumbing is a registered trade. To work in this field, you will need a certificate issued by the province in which you live. In order to become a registered plumber, you must have five years of experience in the plumbing industry. A certificate proves that you are qualified to do the work. You can also choose to enroll in a plumbing training program to improve your skills. This is an excellent option for someone with little or no experience in the industry.


    If you are looking for a career as a plumber, consider applying for a plumbing apprenticeship. This is an ideal route for those with no experience but wish to work in a growing industry. During the apprenticeship, you’ll complete classroom studies and hands-on training. You will be paid by the hour while you’re working on a job site. The apprentice’s wages start at 50 percent of a journeyperson’s hourly wage and increase throughout the training process. You must be 16 years old, have a high school education, and have taken math courses.

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    In Canada, plumbers must have a certificate of registration with the province. In most cases, this will ensure that the qualifications you hold are equivalent to those that are required in the country. In addition to having a certificate of registration, you will need to take an exam that verifies your knowledge of building codes and skills necessary for the plumbing job. You can take this exam at any accredited plumbing school to obtain the certification.

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    There are many benefits of becoming a plumber. In Canada, plumbing is a high-demand field and is a prestigious profession. Aspiring plumbing professionals can earn up to $97,500 per year. While salaries vary across the country, there are several ways to get into the profession. The first step is to find a good apprenticeship program. Some employers will offer a free internship, so make sure to ask about it.