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URGENT: Experienced Kernel Attendant Wanted At Dog World

Job Details

Job Title: Kernel Attendant


Employer: Dog World

Location: 3904 March Rd, Carp, ON

Salary: $16.55 – $18.50 per hour / 30 – 44 per week

Terms of employment: Seasonal Employment, Full-time


Start date: Starts as soon as possible

Verified: Yes


  • On-site parking

Flexible Language Requirement:

  • French not required


  • 8-hour shift
  • Evening shift
  • Holidays
  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekends as needed

Supplemental pay types:

  • Tips

Full Job Description 

At Dog World, we are searching for a full-time afternoon or evening Dog Handlers/ Kennel Attendants to join our team! You will be in charge of the overall care and well-being of the animals at our facility, along with their exercise, training, feeding, and general facility cleaning. Furthermore, the shift is from 1 pm to 9 pm.

There is some flexibility in terms of days of the week that you will work but as a candidate, you MUST be able to work Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. All staff members must also possess a reliable mode of transportation as public transit is not available in our area.


  • You will exercise the dogs both mentally and physically, which includes structured daily walks, group/pack activities, treadmill sessions, basic grooming, obedience, and individual attention.
  • You will need to confidently walk dogs on a leash using a variety of training tools.
  • As well as supervise dogs using a variety of training tools.
  • Also, you will feed and administer oral and topical medications based on the owner’s instructions.
  • You must maintain client relations through detailed and friendly check-ins/outs.
  • You will document the daily staff notes and client charts.
  • In addition, you will take daily pictures of the dogs and upload them to our private staff page.
  • You will also clean the facilities, kennel units, and exercise areas.


  • You must possess previous professional experience in animal care.
  • Also, you must have a passion for animal care and a desire to learn new dog care and training skills.
  • As well as the ability to confidently supervise dogs of all breeds, temperaments, ages, and sizes.
  • You must be able to work in a fast-paced and high-pressure environment.
  • Have the ability to perform all job duties to a high standard safely and responsibly.
  • Also, have strong written and oral communication skills.
  • In addition, you must have the ability to remain on your feet and walk for several hours a day.
  • You must be able to lift dogs and items of up to 50 lbs.

Cleaning Duties

  • You must be able to complete general cleaning duties as posted or assigned.
  • You will have to scoop dog waste immediately and dispose of it as instructed.
  • Also, you will mop up accidents immediately.
  • As well as dust mopping/wet mopping floors as assigned.
  • You will need to remove trash from containers.
  • And also disinfect the outside area.
  • You will change and do sheets of laundry.
  • Clean water bowls, kongs, and other toys.

Office Duties

  • You will need to greet customers and bring dogs into a playroom
  • As well as handle payments
  • You will track dog attendance as needed
  • Answering phones as needed
  • Other general office duties as needed

Minimum Experience, Skills, Certification, Or Required Academic Background 

  • High school graduate or GED preferred
  • Good oral communication skills
  • Previous work experience demonstrating dependability
  • Previous experience providing animal care (personal or job-related)
  • Self-motivated, independent worker
  • Proven ability to follow instructions and learn new things
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Demonstrated flexibility and proven coping skills

How To Apply

If you think you would be a good fit for this role, you can submit your application by e-mail to the company’s website.

Application Question(s)

  • Please list your preferred number of work hours per week, days of the week you are available, and times of day you are available.
  • What kind of animal handling experience do you have?

Examples Of Pet Sitter Skills 

Basic Knowledge Of Animal Behavior

Pet sitters tend to work with many species of varying breeds. Therefore, as a pet sitter, you must have a basic knowledge of animal behavior as it can help you consider standard personality traits to make these creatures feel comfortable in your presence. For instance, you might remain calm and respect a dog’s space when you first come in contact with them. However, after you’ve gained their trust, then you can perform tasks such as putting them on a leash or bathing them.

Adherence To Community Pet Regulations 

Most communities usually have pet regulations to protect public health. For instance, most towns will ask pet owners to clean up their pets’ waste and use leashes to walk their pets on public property. If a pet is on private property, it’s your responsibility to maintain control of the animal. So, as a pet sitter, you are responsible for adhering to these regulations to keep members of the community and other pets safe.

Basic Animal First Aid 

Just like humans, pets can experience various conditions such as heatstroke, water intoxication, and seizures. Knowing basic animal first aid will help you treat these conditions and determine when to take the pet to see a veterinarian. Also, you must consider understanding the symptoms of different illnesses, preparing a basic pet first aid kit, and learning how to dress wounds. You can also pursue formal pet CPR and first aid training by obtaining certification through the American Red Cross.


With communication, you will be able to comfort owners who are away from their pets for extended periods and provide high-quality care. You can execute good communication at the beginning of every job. You should consider asking questions to determine how long the owners are going to be away, how often the pet eats, and what medications they take.

Once the owner is away, you should endeavor to update them on whether their pet is adhering to their normal routine. These updates will help to assure the owner that you’re performing your duties and allow them to provide advice if the pet strays from their routine.


While it’s important to communicate with the owner, it may not be reasonable to contact them for every scenario you encounter. Problem-solving skills can help you be proactive and solve challenges on your own. For instance, you might decide to bathe a dog after it gets dirty on a walk. This action helps the dog maintain a healthy coat and keeps the owner’s house clean.


Because the owner is away, you are responsible for making many decisions about their pet’s care. You can use your judgment to determine when to contact the owner or make these decisions yourself. For instance, there might not be time to call the owner when the pet has a medical emergency. Deciding to take the animal to the veterinarian can ensure they promptly receive the appropriate treatment.


Pet owners usually want to hire sitters who demonstrate reliability. This skill allows you to be responsible with the owner’s keys, follow specific care instructions, and respect their belongings. Being reliable also involves having access to a vehicle to regularly visit the pet. You can build trust among potential clients by providing recommendations from past clients.


Patience can help you navigate stressful situations and ensure the animal remains calm. For instance, a cat might knock over a lamp or use the bathroom outside the litter box. You can recognize that it’s normal for these accidents to occur and calmly clean up the mess. Your behavior can prevent the animal from having anxiety and causing more accidents.


Empathy allows pet sitters to provide good customer service to owners. For instance, they provide regular updates to assure the owner that their pet is fine. They may also recognize when to refrain from updating an owner to ensure they can enjoy their time away from home. Additionally, empathy helps you care for animals who aren’t able to advocate for themselves. You can use your love for animals and intuition to provide them with comfort and understanding when they might feel unwell.

Situational awareness

Situational awareness helps you identify potential hazards and keep pets safe. This skill is particularly useful when taking a dog for a walk. For instance, you might avoid walking near other animals if the dog has aggressive tendencies. You might also use situational awareness when letting a pet roam in the backyard. If you notice them eating something they aren’t supposed to, you can lead them away from the substance and remove it if necessary.

Attention To Detail

Attention to detail allows you to notice messes in the home and clean them up before they cause stains. This skill also allows you to follow instructions and ensure the pet remains comfortable. For instance, the owner might ask you to put a special vest on their dog to reduce anxiety during a storm. Additionally, you can use this skill to observe any unusual behavior. If a pet has signs of an illness, you can administer the appropriate first aid or take them to a veterinarian.


Many pet owners rely on you to provide their dog or cat with a consistent schedule. This consistency can help them adjust to your presence and allow them to maintain their normal routine. For instance, you might visit the home at the same time every day to walk the dog. You might also make other visits to feed the animal, fill their water bowl, give it medication, and play with it.