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Job Openings for Barbers in Canada

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The Salary for Barbers in Canada varies widely. The entry-level salary for barbers is around $30K/year, but the pay can be higher if you have more years of experience. Barbers with two to five years of experience earn around $34,600 CAD annually. Those with more than ten years of experience earn around $58,500 CAD per year.

Barber salaries vary widely depending on their location and their employer. Barbers in barbershops are usually paid by the hour, while barbers in hair salons are typically paid by the salary. However, in many cases, barbers are paid by tips as well.

Work environment

Working as a barber is a high-stakes occupation, requiring high levels of social interaction. Barbers must greet clients as they come in, ensure the quality of their work, and satisfy their customers. As a self-employed barber, you’ll be responsible for your own taxes, supplies, and other costs. You’ll also be responsible for scheduling and making decisions for your business. The job is flexible, and the work environment is clean and well-lit. In addition to barbershops, barbers may also work in hotels and spas.

To become a barber in Canada, you must complete a two-year barber-training program. While formal education is the best way to prepare for a career in barbering, you can also get on-the-job training to supplement your education. In British Columbia and the Yukon, you can also earn trade certification as a barber. If you’re not a Canadian citizen, you may still be able to obtain a work permit in Canada if you have a trade certification from the regulatory body.

Education required

If you’re interested in working in the male grooming industry, you’ll find that Canada offers excellent opportunities for both experienced and aspiring barbers. This is an industry with a high demand for skilled professionals, so becoming a licensed barber in Canada may be the right choice for you. The country’s male grooming industry generates over $4 billion a year, up 1.5 percent from the previous year. In Ontario and Yukon, barber education is a prerequisite, but on-the-job training is also permitted.

Many employers prefer to hire graduates with formal training in hair care. Furthermore, formal education helps you identify your marketable talents, which is important for establishing your career in this field. Many hair-styling colleges in Canada are designed with the goal of nurturing and promoting individual talent. This type of practical education provides a flexible and vibrant work environment. Once you complete your training, you can apply for a trade certificate.


If you’re interested in becoming a barber, you may want to know where there are job openings in Canada. This profession has high-end clients and requires high-level skills. It can be a fast-paced environment, but it also requires a high level of precision and quality.

Canada’s male grooming industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry, generating $4 billion annually. It employs 71,166 people. In Alberta, for example, 65% of employers have recruited barbers in the last two years. Canada also offers hundreds of barber jobs to skilled foreign workers.