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Job Openings For Food Packers in the UK

Food and drink packers are required to work on machines that pack and store food products. Their jobs require speed and accuracy to meet production targets. They are also required to have patience for repetitive tasks. The job involves using forklift trucks and pallet trollies to move packaged items around warehouses.


Skills required to work as a food packer

Working as a food packer in the UK requires specific qualifications. You can check the job description at the National Careers Service to find out what skills you need to succeed in this career. These jobs tend to be fast-paced and require patience to complete repetitive tasks. The job also requires you to understand health and safety regulations.

Many food packer jobs require at least one year of warehouse experience, although employers will also consider candidates with experience in other areas of the supply chain. You will also need good GCSEs and basic arithmetic skills. Some employers also offer apprenticeships. If you have the skills but don’t have the necessary qualifications, an apprenticeship is an excellent way to get started.

While you may not be aware of it, there is a clear link between relevant skills and job descriptions. Job descriptions generally list the top 10 skills required for the role. A Food Packer’s resume should highlight these skills.

Locations of work

Food and drink packaging jobs can be found across the UK. Although head office positions tend to be based in London, larger companies will often expect their employees to work across the country. Public sector jobs can also be found with local authorities and government agencies. In both cases, hygiene is paramount. The dress code is also important. For example, a warehouse worker may need to wear protective clothing.



Salaries for food packing workers in the UK are on the rise. The average gross annual salary for food packers in the UK is PS34,884, or around PS17 per hour. This is 29% higher than the UK’s average hourly wage. Starting salaries range from PS26119 for entry-level roles to PS42160 for senior positions. The average salary for food packers is expected to rise by 10 percent over the next five years.