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Job Openings For Phone Repairers in Canada

Phone Repairers in Canada: If you are looking for a career in mobile phone repair, there are several options available in Canada. You can work at a mobile phone repair shop, like Mobile Klinik, which is Canada’s one-stop mobile phone shop. If you are interested in becoming a mobile phone repairer, you should take action today!


The average salary for a phone repairer in Canada

If you are looking for a career in the mobile phone repair industry, you should know that it doesn’t require higher education. All you need is a knack for gadgets and a willingness to learn new techniques. This job is among the best career options for dropouts.

The average cost of a cell phone repair is $80, so if you repair five phones a week, you’ll earn about $400 per week. If you do ten, you’ll earn around $800. But if you can do twenty repairs a week, you’ll make up to $1,600 per week. That’s more than $83,000 per year, and you can grow your business exponentially by hiring employees. You can also join a franchise and learn from proven business models, which will also give you support in marketing and training. Franchises are particularly viable in strong markets.

Mobile Klinik is Canada’s “one-stop phone shop”

Mobile Klinik is Canada’s “one-stop phone shop”. They have the largest selection of used phones in Canada and offer one-year warranties on their phones. They also offer repair services. The CEO of Mobile Klinik compares his business to the used-car market. According to him, the average car is owned by four people before it is replaced. In contrast, people don’t throw away their phones. After all, they’ve paid hundreds of dollars for them.

“Mobile Klinik is Canada’s one-stop phone shop” is a new campaign by the company. The company has partnered with Telus Mobility to offer Telus plans, and the store also offers a monthly $5 discount to customers. The “one-stop phone shop” campaign is a national marketing effort. In addition, the Mobile Klinik store is redesigned to look more like a full-mobility shop, with sections dedicated to merchandise and consultations with customers.