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Job Openings For Tree Cutters in the Solihull/Birmingham Area

Job Openings for Tree Cutters in the Solihull/Birmingham area are being advertised by Tree Surgery Team, a company that specializes in tree surgery and arboriculture. They are looking for candidates with some experience and some basic knowledge of arboriculture. The company will provide training for the right candidates.


Job Openings for Tree Cutters in the Solihull/Birmingham area

The arboriculture department of a large tree surgery and grounds maintenance company is expanding and looking for hard workers. This exciting career is perfect for those who love the outdoors and have a strong eye for detail. The tasks that are required are varied and challenging, but safety is always paramount. This company provides its employees with industry-leading specialist equipment and PPE.

Professional bodies

In the UK, there are two professional bodies that regulate arboriculture and tree-cutting work. These bodies are the Institute of Chartered Foresters and the Arboricultural Association. Both organizations have registers of certified arborists and an Approved Contractor scheme that evaluates tree cutters’ technical expertise and business practices. There are also several international organizations for tree professionals, such as the European Arboricultural Council.

Continuing professional development

Tree cutters need to keep abreast of changing laws and standards when working in the industry. Continuing professional development courses can help tree cutters stay up to date and compliant. Additionally, these courses can help them progress in their career. It can also help to join a professional body such as the Arboricultural Association, which offers different levels of membership. In addition, these organizations provide members with networking opportunities and access to a range of contacts within the industry.

There is a growing concern within the forestry industry about the competence of newly qualified operators. Experience in this field is highly valued and makes a person more employable. It can be acquired on the job, through consolidation, or through non-formal training, such as ‘continuous professional development.