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Recruitment For Snow Shovelers in Canada

If you are looking to become a snow shoveler, then you should know that the demand for this type of person is high. There are various companies that are hiring these employees. Some of them include London Manpower Inc.


Job Descriptions

Getting a job in the snow industry isn’t a walk in the park unless you’re one of the fortunate few. The competition is stiff and the work-life balance even tighter, but the pay is palatable and the benefits are enticing. Aside from a steady paycheck, the most valuable asset you will find is camaraderie.

Having a job in the snow industry can also put you in the company of some of the biggest names in the business, making it an ideal place to build a name for yourself. You may even get your own office space and start your own branded t-shirts.

London Manpower Inc Company

Manpower Holdings Limited, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, is a global recruiting and staffing company. Its core business is light industrial recruitment and permanent placements. The company competes with local or regional independents. It offers various services including temporary placements, office services, industrial help, and technical services. It has over 300 offices worldwide.

The group has a number of legal obligations, and some of these include litigation of a routine nature. Its activities are governed by its trade secrets law. Its employees are required to respect its goodwill and avoid any disparaging remarks regarding its commercial interests.


The company also does not disclose confidential information, such as customer lists, training materials, or sales strategies. It may also protect its privileged information under applicable trade secrets law.

The company employs a number of executives, including the CEO and executive vice president. They are responsible for the overall operations of the organization and serve as its board members. John McLaughlin is the executive vice president.

Job Duties

Hiring Organization London Manpower Inc
Post Name Snow Shoveler
Qualification Should be comfortable commuting to the job’s location. Is willing to commute to the location
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$23 Hourly
Location Mount Royal, QC, Canada H2V 0A7

You need to be ready to go out in the cold and work quickly if you plan to work as a snow shoveler. In order to do this you must be fit and able to perform physical activities that include running, walking, and lifting heavy bags of ice melter. Before you begin working, you need to get ready by stretching and warming up. You may need to go out in freezing weather, and you’ll need to be prepared to go out at night.

The job of a snow shoveler is to clear the roads of snow after a storm. This includes clearing sidewalks and driveways, parking lots, and private roadways. The shoveler may use a hand shovel, a vehicle equipped with a plow, or salt to clear the ice and snow. They also work under the supervision of a team leader.


Snow Shovelers earn a range of salaries from $35,100 to $51,431 per year in Canada. While most are men, women make up only five percent of the workforce. There are several reasons why Snow Shovelers are in high demand. For one thing, this job is essential to the winter season in Canada. And for another, there are jobs in just about every part of North America.

While most of these positions are seasonal, there are some employers who hire Snow Shovelers year-round. The average Snow Shoveler earns around $39,140 per year or $20.07 per hour, depending on the position.

Many Snow Shovelers work in companies that provide snow removal services to residential and commercial clients. In some cases, employees are required to drive a truck to the job site. Some employers may also require a special driver’s license.