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The Best Jobs in Canada For Foreigners – Top Picks and Requirements

If you’re considering immigrating to Canada, you must first secure a job. Canada’s liberal immigration policies make it an attractive destination for international workers.


If you’re considering working in Canada but lack work experience, don’t worry! We’ve gathered the top jobs available to foreigners without a university degree and their requirements.

Human Resources Manager

Human resource managers are accountable for ensuring employees are hired, trained, and paid fairly. Furthermore, they handle employee disciplinary matters, layoffs, and terminations in accordance with labor laws and company policies.

HR Managers must possess a bachelor’s degree in business management or a related field, as well as specialized training and certification from the HR Certification Institute. These credentials may include Professional in Human Resources (PHR(r)), Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR(r)) or Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR(r)).

HR managers are essential in companies of all sizes, helping them attract, train and retain top talent to meet the company’s requirements. Their duties include creating programs that support company objectives, improving morale and productivity levels within the workplace, as well as keeping employee records updated.


Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers create and design a wide variety of electrical devices, systems, and equipment. They play an essential role in many industries like telecommunications, manufacturing, and federal agencies.

These professionals usually work indoors, though they may need to visit a site occasionally in order to observe an issue or piece of equipment. Generally, they require at least a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

Employment growth for this position is forecasted to be slower than average, due to the need to replace workers who move on to different occupations or retire.


Veterinarian jobs in Canada are highly sought-after and can be an attractive option for foreigners. Salaries are generally competitive, and employees often receive benefits like insurance, membership fees, vehicles, accommodation and flight/relocation assistance which further adds to the value of these positions.

Over the past several years, Canada’s veterinarian population has seen a tremendous surge. To keep pace with this growth, several veterinary licensing exams are now required for foreign-trained veterinarians in order to acquire their Canadian Veterinary Medical License (CVM).


In Canada, Accountants have a variety of accounting responsibilities. These include assessing, planning and implementing accounting systems for individuals, businesses and establishments alike.

Accountants may also be required to compile financial data for taxation purposes. This job necessitates extensive analysis and problem-solving, necessitating at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting or an adjacent subject.

To become a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) in Canada, you need a university degree and professional training program accredited by your provincial Institute of Chartered Accountants. Furthermore, you must pass the Uniform Evaluation Exam (UEE).

Project Manager

If you are seeking a challenging career, the Project Manager position could be your perfect fit. This role necessitates excellent leadership and problem-solving abilities as you strive to finish projects on schedule while exceeding goals.

In this job, you’ll collaborate with a team of engineers, architects, and other experts to plan and construct new buildings or renovations. Furthermore, you will manage and monitor the project budget, resources, and timelines in conjunction with external partners.

Project Manager positions in Canada are highly sought-after professions. Employers recognize the significance of having an expert with a project management certificate who can keep a project on track, deliver on schedule and within budget, plus ensure all parties involved remain satisfied.