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The Different Types of Jobs Available at Canada Post



Canada Post is one of Canada’s largest employers, offering a vast array of job opportunities. From mail carriers to retail positions, there’s something for everyone at Canada Post!

Depending on your job position, you’ll be paid a competitive salary and receive benefits. Plus, you have the freedom to work from home with flexible hours in an enjoyable work environment.

Letter Carriers

At Canada Post, there are various types of letter carriers. These include rural route contractors, urban home mailers and those operating postal trucks.

They all have unique job responsibilities and experiences. They must contend with shifting weather conditions and seasons, often doing most of their work outdoors.


They must also manage traffic issues. In rural areas, this can be a challenge as mail delivery often has to take place on congested roads.

Delivery Agents

Canada Post is a Crown corporation owned by the federal government that’s actively recruiting across Canada – many positions without needing a degree.

If you’re searching for a job with an impressive salary and room for growth, Canada Post could be your ideal employer. The company offers various job positions from letter carriers to managers – making it hard to choose which position best fits your skillset.

Mail Operators

Canada Post offers a centralized mail service that Canadians rely on. In fact, it’s the leading provider of postal and parcel services throughout Canada.

They operate over 6,200 mailing stations nationwide, consisting of corporate offices and private franchises operated by retailers like drugstores.

They are seeking letter carriers to deliver mail in various cities throughout the US. This entry-level job doesn’t require a degree, but you do need a valid G/Class 5 driver’s license and an excellent driving record.

Customer Service Representatives

If you possess excellent customer service skills and a friendly demeanor, becoming a Customer Service Representative (CS Rep) at Canada Post could be the ideal career for you. As a CS Rep, you work from home to assist customers with any inquiries or problems regarding Canada Post services.

Canada Post, Canada’s primary mail and parcel delivery company, operates under a “Universal Service Obligation” mandated by the federal government. With more than 6,200 post offices across Canada – both corporate offices as well as franchises run by retailers such as drugstores – Canada Post offers traditional “to the door” delivery as well as centralized distribution services to customers.

Post Office Assistants

Are you seeking a career with an organization that values customer service? Canada Post could be the ideal fit. They offer numerous jobs with challenging yet rewarding responsibilities.

This part-time job requires candidates to provide counter services in a fast-paced environment. Duties include customer service, data collection and resolving service-related issues.

Permanent Relief RSMCs

Are you passionate about being outdoors and delivering mail? A Permanent Relief RSMC could be just what you’re searching for! As an RSMC employee, you’ll be part of an organization focused on growth and innovation.

RSMCs are currently paid by activity values instead of hourly pay and must work extra long hours on busy mail days and during holiday seasons.

Canada Post is trying to reduce route sizes and has suggested decreasing “activity values” for sorting. This means RSMCs will have a harder time completing their routes within reasonable timelines.